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LvivKlezFest will again welcome “Gefilte Drive” –

Wonderful Israeli music group which won over the Lviv audience in 2016

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Israeli neo-klezmer music group “Gefilte Drive” under direction of Oleksandr Kotler covered as rock classics, so mysterious rhythms of folk music and melodies of the Promised Land.

Besides their own music works and songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ukrainian and Russian the music group has in its repertoire Odessa street songs of XX century in the author’s translation to Hebrew, full of the city romance and “Leonid Utesov style” sound.

The music group travels around the world, participates in culture and music events, concerts and international festivals (Israel, USA, Russia, Estonia, and Ukraine). Since 2010 Kiril Adilin (Narva/Tallin) – wonderful Estonian guitar and accordion player – has been joining the line-up in its tours abroad.

In 2016 “Gefilte Drive” made the ironic music video on their version of “Tum-balalaika” – immortal Yiddish hit. The group remade it on the melody of the famous in the 60-s Italian song “Jamaica” that provoked thousands of reviews and likes in YouTube.

You can hear “Gefilte Drive” at the Gala-concert of the jubilee X LvivKlezFest “Mazl Tov!” that will start at 13:30 10, June 10 on Rynok Sq.


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«Gefilte Drive» (ISR, EST):

Oleksand Kotler – voice, guitar, group director

Tatyana Gelman – voice (soloist)

Nadiya Drapkina – hoboy

Tal Leshets – drums

Mark Umanskiy – bass, voice

Igor Khait – piano

Kiril Adilin (Estonia) - accordion