Міжнародний фестиваль

єврейської музики


Lviv Klezmer festival will again welcome the groovy “Klezmafour” (Poland)

It is one of the regular participants of LvivKlezFest and one of the most favorite music groups which wins over more and more listeners.

Their performances always turn heads – drive flowing from the stage, charisma of the musicians, interaction with audience – all this pumps listeners with powerful positive energy that make you move, applause, sing and dance!

The atmosphere at “Klezmafour” performances is more alike one at hip-hop or rock concerts. Artistic and virtuoso performance, deep feeling of music and rhythm profoundly shock audience.

Music group “Klezmafour” was formed in Lublin and united the musicians from Lublin, Bialystok and Warsaw. The group has been performing around the whole globe for almost 10 years – number of concerts in their motherland – Poland as well as in Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, Spain, Check Republic, Ukraine; concert tours around the USA and Canada. The group is a participant of all leading music Klezmer and folk festivals in Europe; has been a prizewinner a number of times.

“Klezmafour” repertoire -  Klezmer and Balkan music combined with rock drive – powerfully charges audience with fantastic energy. Besides classical music instruments (clarinet, violin, accordion, bass, percussion) the musicians experiment with exotic instruments such as darbuka, futujara as well as with scrabbling sounds, etc.

Lviv citizens and guests of the city can experience the storm of impressions and emotions after “Klezmafour’ performance at Gala-concert “Mazl Tov!” that starts at 13:30, June 10 on Rynok Sq.