Міжнародний фестиваль

єврейської музики

The favorite singer of Lviv audience – Alina Ivakh will sing at

LvivKlezFest-2018 accompanied by music group RAZOM (Ukraine-Latvia)

The talented Alina Ivakh who was born in Lviv, made a fantastic artistic carrier around the former Soviet Union territory. She has regularly come to LvivKlezFest and this time her incredible voice will be accompanied by the wonderful multinational klezmer group RAZOM (that means “together”). Together they will perform popular and little known Jewish and folk songs in different languages. This artistic experiment will keep the tradition when Alina Ivakn’s charming voice sounds on the Festival stage every time accompanied by a different klezmer ensemble.

Alina Ivakh cooperated with the klezmer music group “Simkha”, with vocal quartet “Ashkenazim”, with Jewish song ensemble “Dona” and orchestra “Klezmasters” – with the last two she has been participating at klezmer festivals in Lviv for the last years. Alina is a multiple award winner of international competitions, a permanent panellist of klezmer festivals in many countries of the world, author and conductor of the number of klezmer singing workshops.

Singer, actress, TV presenter and producer Alina Ivakh was born in Lviv, graduated from the Drama College, later – Kazan University. She worked at the theater, on TV; she was producing movies and cartoons.

Alina Ivakh is called the Jewish Edit Piaf. Songs in her performance are featured by incomparable softness, tenderness and dramatic charachter.

To see and to hear Alina Ivakh’s performance you can twice:

June, 9 at 14:00 – Concert-prayer on Three Synagogue Space ( Arsenalna Sq. and

June, 10 at Gala-concert “Mazl Tov!” that starts at 13:30  on Rynok Sq.