Міжнародний фестиваль

єврейської музики



- European Jewish Choir Festival annually changes its location on the Olympic Games principle. This year Lviv takes the exclusive relay from Vienna, Rome, London and Saint-Petersburg.
The European Association of Jewish Choirs includes 11 music groups, 5 of them the guests of LvivKlezFest will be able to hear in the best concert halls of Lviv and on the Gala-concert of the Festival.
The audience will be able to enjoy the performance of London, Rome and Vienna choirs as well as unique Vienna Klezmer Symphonic Orchestra. Ukraine has been several years presented at the Festival by the wonderful Lviv music band (Varnitshkes). 
In June 7, 8 and 9 the concerts of these unique artistic groups will take place in Maria Zankovetska Drama theater, Organ Hall and Lviv regional philharmonic hall. The 10-th of June all choirs will present the common program accompanied by the Symphonic Klezmer Orchestra from Vienna (directed by Roman Grinberg) at the Gala-concert on Rynok Square.
So welcome:

Jewish communities all over the world are strongly connected to each other by their common faith and through the enduring use and love of song. Since biblical times, music has been integral within Jewish life and culture. Indeed, there is no stronger means to celebrate the Jewish traditions or reflect on Jewish history than through the many types of Jewish choral music, whether Liturgical, Israeli, Yiddish, Ladino, Folk or Secular.

The European Association of Jewish Choirs (EUAJC) aims to showcase the finest Jewish choirs to wider audiences in Choral Festivals that strive to be rewarding from an educational, cultural and social perspective for the attendees.

Since 2012, when the first European Jewish Choral Festival was held in London, there have now been further festivals in Vienna (2013) Rome (2014) London (2015) and St.Petersburg (2017) that have strengthened the collaboration. These events have been successful in bringing together Jewish choirs from all over Europe, as well as the Ukraine, Russia and Israel. This year we are delighted to be performing in Lviv celebrating our Jewish music heritage as part of the 2018 KlezFest