Міжнародний фестиваль

єврейської музики

The biggest and the only one in the world Klezmer Symphonic Orchestra from Vienna will perform on LvivKlezFest

This unique in many aspects group from Austria was founded only two years ago (in 2016) by two talented musicians and hardcore enthusiasts of klezmer – Roman Grinberg and Sasha Danilov. For that period it got the incredible popularity in Austria, developed the big repertoire, toured around several countries. It participates in the European Jewish Choir Festival where it has individual performances and also accompanies the Vienna Jewish Choir (directed by Roman Grinberg).

For nowadays the orchestra includes 60 musicians that makes it the biggest in the world (!) klezmer orchestra where the musicians play the classic music instruments (symphonic ones) so the jazz and typically klezmer ones. So a violin can be followed by an electro guitar, a clarinet can be accompanied by an accordion, the rhythm can be created not only by bass but by drums. That makes the orchestra possible to perform as classic works so the jazz compositions as well as the folk ones – in all possible variations.

That choice of instruments is not accidental because the orchestra art-director, composer and arranger Roman Grinberg is famous as a talented jazzman, klezmer and classic singer, musician. This very music collection allows him to implement all his ideas and demonstrate all side of Jewish music culture.

The orchestra director, conductor and co-founder is Sasha Danilov – marvelous clarinet player, talented organizer and big fan of klezmer – friend and colleague of Roman Grinberg. Due to this creative union of two remarkable musicians and personalities Wiener Klezmer Orchester appeared together with the grand project of Wiener Jüdischer Chor. (On the scale, the repertoire and the performance level those two music groups can be compared to choir and orchestra groups of an opera theater and philharmonics)

“The only orchestra in the world dedicated exclusively to the Jewish music” - Wiener Klezmer Orchester describes its art work on its website. Yiddish songs, Hasidic melodies, klezmer music – these things the LvivKlezFest - 2018 guests will hear on its performances.

Concertsof Wiener Klezmer Orchester (together with Vienna Jewish Choir) will be:

June, 7 – Theater of Maria Zankovetska, start at 19:00

June, 9 – Lviv regional Philharmonics – start at 18:30

June, 10 – Rynok Square “Mazl Tov!” – start at 13:30


Wiener Klezmer Orchester / Vienna Klezmer Orchestra

Vienna, Austria



Conductor / Sasha Danilov  https://www.facebook.com/sasha.danilov.7


Composer and arranger - Roman Grinberg