Міжнародний фестиваль

єврейської музики

The Rome Jewish choir “Ha-Kol’ will visit Ukraine for the first time and take part in the Choir Festival at X LvivKlezFest

The Coro Ha Kol

“Ha-Kol” means “VOICE” in Hebrew.

This remarkable choir was founded 25 years ago (in 1993) by the initiative of several singers of the Great Rome Synagogue together with other Jewish music tradition appraisers. They had a strong desire to preserve the unique musical and religious heritage of one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe and to reveal to the public again the Jewish choir works.

For 25 years choir “Ha-Kol’ which includes soprano, contralto, tenors and basses sections –gives concerts and performs in Italy as well as abroad: in Israel, Great Britain, Austria, Russia, Germany, Vatican and for the first time this years – in Ukraine.

The choir comprises about 30 participants.

Since 2012 the choir “Ha-Kol” has been taking part in all Jewish choir European festival EUROPEAN JEWISH CHOIR FESTIVAL  and in 2014 it was hosting the festival in Rome.

The choir repertoire is continually increased by the works of the composer of XVI–XX centuries and covers as Sephardic Jewish world music (Spain-Portugal) so the Ashkenazi one (East-European). Lately the choir has been performing not only liturgical but the modern music works inspired by the Jewish life topic.

Coro Ha-Kol released 3 discs; it repeatedly participates in interreligious events conducted in Rome and Vatican as well as in radio and TV broadcasts (including the world-wide Vatican net).

During the festival LvivKlezFest the performances of this wonderful group can be heard and seen:

June, 7 – Theater of Maria Zankovetska – start at 19:00

June, 8 – Organ Hall – start at 15:30

June, 10 – Rynok Square, Gala-concert “Mazl Tov!” – start at 13:30



The Coro Ha-Kol

Rome, Italy

President - Richard Di Castro https://www.facebook.com/riccardo.d.castro

Conductor - Camilla Di Lorenzo https://www.facebook.com/camilla.lorenzo

Choir master and art director - Camilla Di Lorenzo