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Klezmers from Baltica to the Black Sea will play RAZOM


WonderfulmusicexperimentgroupRAZOM (thatmeansTOGETHER”) – unitedklezmermusiciansandsingersfromLatvia (thecityofRezekne) andUkraine (Odessa, Kharkiv). Since ancient times the Jews have been living in Eastern Europe from the Black to the Baltic seas, and along all that way from theNorsemen to Greeks the joyful klezmer music sounded.

In the repertoire you can hear melodies of liman steppe, Moldavian weddings, Carpathian Mountains, Galician towns, Volynian woods, Baltic dunes, the songs of Litvacus and Hasidic nigunes.

Together with those wonderful musicians the incredible Alina Ivakh will sing. Originally from Lviv, she is famous in former Soviet Union countries as an actress and a theater director, she is the klezmer singer of the international level with incomparable vocal, being a regular participant at all Lviv klezmer festivals.

RAZOM (TOGETHER) they will play and sing for the quests of Festival LvivKlezFest-2018 at gala-concert “Mazl Tov!” the 10th of June on Rynok Sq. ( start at 13:00)

Лукияненко ЮлияКривоурчко Сергей 2018Юлия СкрипкаРезекне Латвия

Group «RAZOM»:

  • Yulia Lukianenko –  violin/ art director
  • Serhiy Kryvoruchko - accordion
  • Yulia Skrypka – percussion
  • Andriy Tyhomyrov – bass-guitar
  • Martin Arbidan – cembalo
  • Vitaliy Chach – vocal, trombone