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«Let the night be bright for you!» - recital of Tatyana Khazanovska devoted to Nina Mikhoels


Tatyana Khazanovska is a talented actress of mono-performances. She has 19 performances for adults and for children in her artistic background which were appraised as among theater professionals so by the audience.

Many of the performances (“Roaming stars”, “Madame Bovary”, “Royal letters”, “Oriental chest” and others) were put on the stage by the wonderful teacher and stage director Nina Mikhoels – daughter of the legendary actor and stage director Solomon Mikhoels.

Tatyana was taught by her at theater school Beit-Zvi (Tel-Aviv) when she moved to Israel from Kharkiv (more than 20 years ago). Later on they fruitfully cooperated for many years and put on several plays for the adults which were recognized at some international theater festivals.

Tatyana Khazanovska is a participant of international festivals in Israel, Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

In the recitals’ program:

A documentary about Nina Mikhoels, extracts from her performances, discussion with the audience.

The meeting will take place the 5th of June at 18:00 at the Honorary Consulate of the State of Israel in Lviv (Hazova Str., 36, entrance from Dzherelna Str. opposite #33). Free admission. Pre-registration – Olga Fadeeva (063 207 57 66)