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єврейської музики

Vira Lozіnsky & friends will present Israel at the Festival

Vira Lozіnsky is one of the most famous modern singers in Yiddish, a student of the legendary Nechama Lifshitz.

Her artistic activity was appraised on international stage; she became the Grand-Prize winner at International Jewish Music competition in Amsterdam, released two CDs with new songs in Yiddish which were highly estimated by critics from Harvard and Montréal universities where they were included in the curriculum for Yiddish departments.
She united under her name talented musicians who originated from different republics of the former Soviet Union (Moldova, Belarus, Tadzhikistan, Russia-Tatarstan) and created a music group.

Her unique repertoire consists of new and traditional compositions interpreted in various music styles – from East-European folk (klezmer, Roma, Romanian music, etc.) to Southern-American tango.

Alla Dantsig

Alla Dantsig – diversified piano player, improviser and arranger who masters various music styles: classics, klezmer, jazz, fusion.

She conducts active concert and educational activity, writes music for drama and puppet performances. She is a participant of many international klezmer festivals (Kyiv, Saint-Petersburg, London, Weimar, Moscow, Tzfat). Alla released 5 CDs with classic and klezmer music in Yiddish.



Gershon Weiserfirer

Gershon Waiserfirer – multi-instrumentalist (electric oud, euphonium, valve trombone, percussion), wonderful musician and composer. 

He studied music and drama, combined actor’s career with composer’s activity, played and created music in different styles (Jewish, Balkan, rock, jazz, ethno).

After releasing a number of albums with the most interesting musicians of Israel, he regularly toured around the world with the most famous of them. He performed on the same stage with such world music legends as Robert "Bobby" McFerrin, Jr., Vyacheslav Ganelin and Israeli rock-legend Berri Sakharov.

Dmitry Shurin

Dmitrij Shurin – diversified and virtuoso musician, multi-instrumentalist and arranger, he masters all kinds of saxophones from baritone to soprano, clarinet and flute. His styles range – from classics to jazz and ethnic music.

Dmitrij participated in many festivals of klezmer, Chasidic and jazz music. He worked on TV in Milan. He teaches, makes performances on tours, and plays in various music projects in Russia, Poland, Great Britain, and USA.


Pavel Levin – wonderful violin player, universal musician who plays in different styles: classics, jazz, ethno.

He worked in Israeli Chamber Orchestra, and for more than 10 years he has been the concertmaster’s assistant in Netanya Kibbutz Оrchestra. He gives many concerts in Israel and abroad, participates in lots of international festivals. Animal rights activist.

Lviv citizens and guests of the city will have an opportunity to hear performances of the group Vira Lozіnsky & friends  at Gala-concert “Mazl Tov!” the 10th of June on Rynok Sq. (start at 13:00)

Vira Lozіnsky – vocal

Аlla Dantsig – piano

Dmitrij Shurin – saxophone, clarinet, flute

Pavel Levin – violin

Gershon Waiserfirerpercussion, electric oud, euphonium