Міжнародний фестиваль

єврейської музики

Grand-final at Gala-Concert of LvivKlezFest-2018 will sound under direction of “Kharkiv Klezmer Band”



Talented musicians from Kharkiv Yuriy Khainson (accordion, key) and Gennadiy Fomin (clarinet, saxophone) are famous klezmers in Ukraine and abroad. They stood at the origins of klrezmer traditions revival in independent Ukraine not only as musicians but as teachers too. They have been leading artistic labs for 15 years at Festival-seminar “Kharkiv Klezmer Teg” that has all rights to be calledthe klezmer talent foundry.

Theartistshave rich experience of performing and teaching abroad and were appraised by specialists and esteemers of East-European traditional Jewish musicall over the world.

Created by Yuriy Khainson and Gennadiy Fomin music group “Kharkiv Klezmer Band” is considered to be the guardian of klezmer style. Nevertheless their music is not a “museum item” but is a live phenomenon that fits in with modern life thanks to the fact that the musicians master many other music styles and genres and are universal performers. Gennadiy Fomin is also famous as an arranger and sound producer and besides clarinet and saxophone can also ply guitar, bass, key, accordion and chromatic accordion.


The audience of LvivKlezFest-2018 can watch and hear the performance of the musicians from the Eastern part of Ukraine twice:

The 9th of June at 14:00 –Space of Three Synagogues (Arsenalna Sq.) at Concert-Prayer dedicated to the 75-th Anniversary of Yaniv concentration camp liquidation. Their music will accompany the voice of the talented singer Alina Ivakh.

The 10th of June at 13:00 – at Gala-concert “Mazl Tov!” on Rynok Square twice: in ensemble with the group “RAZOM” (Ukraine-Latvia) and in Grand-final that will sound under direction of “Kharkiv Klezmer Band”.